Brandon Nepote
Current workTipping pointOnward is greater than or equal to Upward.Dead PanDead Pan (detail)Digging All DayDigging all Day (detail)NailedNailed (detailed)nail studynail study (detail)nail study IInail study II (detail)Journeyman's BeginningJourneyman's Beginning (detail)Hard Work Pays OffHard Work Pays Off (detail)Ram SetRam Set (detail)
My current body of sculpture is inspired primarily by conversation; the works are a discourse on interactions I have with people I encounter daily.
I translate into three dimensional, sculptural form, so that a viewer can see the construction and deconstruction of ordinary language- the translation of those verbal processes into visual form. My response to words, context and
meaning is at the core of the arrangement of elements. A dialogue that evolves into the realm of 3-D. Auditory, like all perceptual experiences are multi-dimensional where there is often a duality of meaning. My works respond to this phenomenon sculpturally with an enriched, new vocabulary.
My translation is documented through the use of carved wood, laminated wood, steel and aluminum leafing. Materials, as with words, have layers of meaning embedded in the viewer’s experience.